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Who We Are

Regenerate Shingal

Regenerate Shingal e.V. is a nonprofit organization working with and for Ezidis to restore their homeland in Shingal, especially after the 2014 genocide committed by ISIS. We are a coalition of religious actors, scholars, activists, and civil society members dedicated to cultural flourishing, regeneration and assisting victims of religion-related violence.

We Believe:

  • Survivors of genocidal violence can heal when they receive the support they need to build resilience and regenerate their communities.

  • We all have a part to play in protecting religious, cultural, and ecological diversity.

  • We are called in solidarity with survivors to advance empathy, dignity, and equality.

Our Mission:

  • Research and design strategies to restore the natural, cultural, agricultural, social and religious landscape in Shingal

  • Ensure survivors of genocide have the support they need to heal

  • Support regenerative farming for food security and survivor livelihood

  • Develop sustainable infrastructure that allows the community to return to their homeland

Our Partners

Regenerate Shingal is a registered organization based in Germany.  We work hand in hand with Al Teen Development and Relief Organization in Shingal, who implements projects, as well as with Baumrauch Permaculture Architects. We partner with a variety of NGOs, including ALIPH Foundation, Abraham Path Initiative, Aktion Hoffnungsschimmer e.V., und Ezidis Weltweit e.V..

Regenerate Shingal is supported by private donors and collaborates with Harvard University, Yale University and Oklahoma State University. All donations go directly to support our work regenerating Shingal.


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Sr. Johanna


Sr. Makrina



Vice Chair


Sr. Makrina Finlay 

Sr. Johanna Wiese

Dominik Blum

Roswitha Floer

Our Team
Our Team
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