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Regenerating Shingal

What We Do

Our strategic plan looks to strengthen agricultural production, rebuild community spaces, and invest in infrastructure. We focus on water sources and  reforestation and use farming practices that improve soil health and conserve water. We hope to systematically implement renewable sources of energy and increasingly incorporate modern technologies and indigenous wisdom in farming complexes that serve to restore the traditional agro-economy. We provide support to the most vulnerable members of the community. 

Our Regenerative Projects

Discover what we've accomplished so far.



In 2022, co-founder of Regenerate Shingal and director at United Religions Initiative, Jerry White, co-authored "Religicide."
Watch a webinar about the project here.

In 2022, co-founder of Regenerate Shingal, Sr. Makrina Finlay, began working with our partners from Al Teen on a two-year intangible culture project focusing on Ezidi religious practices in Shingal. The project is run through Abraham Path Initiative with funding from ALIPH Fund.  Watch a webinar about the project here.

In 2023, Sr. Finlay presented in the webinar, Cultural Heritage Preservation and Celebration, for the Abraham Path initiative and spoke about the future of Shingal at the Hall of Peace in Münster.

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