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Regenerate Shingal e.V.

From History to Hope


Regenerate Shingal e.V. is a German based collaborative effort between local Ezidi and Western partners. We are committed to assisting the Shingali community as they restore their ancestral homeland  and establish the foundation for a sustainable and peaceful future in Shingal.



As the community rebuilds from the genocidal violence committed by ISIS in 2014, our hope is to play a key part in reinvigorating the traditional agro-economy and culture native to Shingal by means of strategic reforestation and restoration of natural water sources on Mount Shingal. We emphasize regenerative cooperative farming and sustainable town planning as well as restoration of shrines and  traditional communal spaces. 


Decades of violence have made it nearly impossible for outsiders to gain access to Shingal. Working together opens doors for mutual learning and increased understanding of the indigenous Shingali culture and practices; something we hope to facilitate more as we continue to regenerate Shingal.  


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